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Where stories get told.

Where stories get told.

Where stories get told.Where stories get told.Where stories get told.

About Us

We are independent filmmakers and we love what we do.


We love what we do because we do what we are passionate about.

Film projects are in constant development in a wide variety of genres.


The future of filmmaking is being changed with companies like ours.

We write direct and produce cutting edge content for the needs of our clientele.


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Writer/Director Marc Schryer's personal direct line

 text only please

Major Tom Films

Riverside, California, United States



Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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Sunday: by appointment only 


Check out this great new video


Me playing Orson Welles lol

Stairway to Heaven RCC school project

No rights reserved to the lyrics, just another RCC project for class, no intention to make any sort of monetary increases from this particular project.  


Check out this great video about Mister Roger's Satanic Neighborhood!

Helped a fellow RCC student create this

Satan's Torture Chamber

Shaun of the dead scene re-creation

Check out this great video

Our "Crash the Super Bowl Doritos Video

Check out this funny 30 second video 2015

A different Doritos commercial submitted

Another 30 second comedy commercial 2015

"A Psychopath's Memoirs" movie trailer

Our 2nd film trailer. Full length 42 minutes, shot in 6 days and edited in 2 months. Screened @ Horrorcon LA 2015

Weeds a short horror film

Out first attempt at a short horror film

A commercial for www.findcleaning.com

check out this fun commercial we did for a friends business.

Revenge of the Lizard Fish